Picture Book Craft Add-on Pack

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Do you have more than two kids that you would like to participate in your book club? Are you hosting a party or teaching a co-op class for multiple children? Then our Add- On Packs are the perfect addition to your monthly subscription box!

Add-On Packs include the same two craft project supply kits that are included in the box of the month, with enough supplies for TWO children. They are a great addition for families who have more than two children and need some extra supplies. They are also recommended for parties or co-op class situations where the host/teacher has already purchased a box, and everyone attending purchases their own supplement pack. 

Add-On Packs DO NOT Include:
The book of the moth,
The printed version of the Adventure Guide
Instructions for the crafts
Or the special letter.

This is because Add-On Packs are meant to be purchased WITH a subscription box so that the children participating can get the full book club experience.